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4G Anytime+ Now E Premier League and LaLiga Pass
  • Local Data Usage 7GB
  • Now E Premier League and LaLiga Live Matches
  • Extra Local Mobile Data $15/1GB
Now E Movies、Dramas & Sports Service Content
Now E is a one-stop internet entertainment platform, where customer can enjoy world-class sports event (e.g.: Premier League and LaLiga) plus thousands of hours...
$15/month up
MOOV Monthly Package
Focus on Cantopop, K-Pop or any other kind of music by getting up to date on Chinese, British and American songs on a daily basis. Whatever you’re looking for – classics...
4G Anytime+ Service Plan
  • Local Data Usage 7GB
  • Waive $18 per month for Administration Fees within commitment period
4G Supreme Service Plan
4G Unlimited 21Mbps Local Data Usage (after 7GB, you will be allocated with less network resources for access subject to the prevailing network conditions)...
Number Share (eSIM) Service
Share a mobile phone number and tariff plan between your smart watch and smart phone.You can use the wearable device to answer incoming calls, make calls, send and receive text messages...
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