Roaming Service Coverage and Rates
Roaming Service Coverage and Rates
Staying close to friends and family around the world
Roaming Service Coverage and Rates
Staying close to friends and family around the world
Our roaming service covers a large number of countries and regions around the world. Simply register your roaming service at our retail shops before you travel to enjoy quality voice and data roaming service in these countries.

Read our User Guide and Tips of Roaming Service carefully before use the roaming service.

Roaming Coverage and Rates

Non-Macau area Video Call Roaming
Voice Roaming
Data Roaming Day Pass

Macau area Call Macau Home Pass

* A deposit of $500 is required for our roaming service. If you settle your mobile phone bill by autopay, you can enjoy a waiver on this deposit.
  • Terms & Conditions
    1) As roaming service relies on third party service providers, the charges quoted above are for reference only and subject to changes from time to time without prior notice due to changes in third party service providers' tariffs, exchange rates, overseas tax rates, call duration round up, different duration chargeable units and flagfall charge. Charges to landline and mobile phones may differ depending on the third party service providers.
    2) Additional charges may be incurred for calling satellite numbers and premium-rate numbers to access certain services such as: directory inquiry services; operator-assisted services; information/content services; diplomatic services; booking and registration services; voting services; support services; gaming, competition and lottery services; and other value-added services. Additional services not set out in the above tables may be provided by third party service providers and may be subject to additional charges.
    3) Roaming call charges will apply once a call is answered (even if the call is answered by any automatic answering systems including announcements and tone machines). In some circumstances, roaming call charges may still apply to a call’s ring time due to the special call routing design of third party service providers in the event if a call is not answered.