MOOV Monthly Package
MOOV Monthly Package
Let user to enjoy and share high-quality music and videos anytime & anywhere
MOOV Monthly Package
Let user to enjoy and share high-quality music and videos anytime & anywhere
The MOOV Monthly Package enables users to enjoy and share high-quality music and videos anytime, anywhere in Hong Kong. Go to the Therapeutic Music zone for ultimate relaxation, or try out the new Beat Runner feature to create your own fat-burning running pattern set to music!
1.New Beat Runner
A new MOOV feature tailored to suit Hong Kong joggers automatically selects music in step with your running speed. Whether you jog sedately or decide to sprint, the music will keep pace according to preset running modes, thereby adding enjoyment to exercise and helping you achieve greater distances.
2.Therapeutic Music feature
Therapeutic Music massages your mind and soul!
3.HiFi Lossless music allows you to enjoy flawless CD-quality music.
Treat your ears to flawless CD-quality music. Download and listen offline with a system that’s so easy to use, it makes listening to music as natural as breathing!
4.Superb music bank – explore as many songs as you like
Focus on Cantopop, K-Pop or any other kind of music by getting up to date on Chinese, British and American songs on a daily basis. Whatever you’re looking for – classics or B-side tracks – you’ll find them all in MOOV’s amazingly comprehensive music bank.

5.Be a trendsetter with LyricSnap!
Pick lyrics that sum up your feelings, while recording your mood with photos. This 2-in-1 function will attract a tidal wave of “Likes” to your social media posts!

6.Song list designed by professional musicians
Various song lists can be regarded as definitive mixes because they’ve been created by top musicians.

7.Watch HD concerts anytime, anywhere with our video bank
Choose from concerts staged at venues ranging from the Hong Kong Coliseum to mega-scale outdoor festivals, or from hot pick shows to MOOV LIVE events. In fact, you can watch whatever you like by getting the MOOV Monthly Package!

8.New 1080p high-definition video quality(4) delivers the highest levels of video enjoyment
Experience high-definition audio-visual enjoyment. MOOV offers more than 400 K-pop and local MVs, as well as more than 100 concert recordings in HD. Simply follow the settings below to experience 1080p HD video:
Service Description Monthly Fee
MOOV Monthly Package $ 49

Ways to download
Please visit Google Play or the App Shop and search for “MOOV”.

MOOV User Guide
1. MOOV login
Follow the steps below to login to the MOOV app and start using the service.
2. Create your own playlist
5.After creating a new playlist, click “Y” in the top left-hand corner, then click “My Collections” and select the newly-created playlist to find the relevant song. Repeat the steps to create your own music collection for enjoyment anytime, anywhere while in Hong Kong.
3.Upgrade to 1080p HD video format
Please follow the steps below to enable 1080p HD resolution:
4. Upgrade to Hi-Fi lossless music format
5. Forgot password
Retrieve your password by following the steps below:
  • Terms and Conditions
    1. Customer can apply for a MOOV Monthly Package at $49 per month (no commitment period).
    2. MOOV Monthly Package is limited to personal use only via customer’s handset. If any public broadcasting is performed, SUN Mobile reserves the right to take legal action.
    3. The quality of music or video streaming varies according to 3G/4G network coverage or handset model used.
    4. Applicable to certain handset only.
    5. Provision of this service is subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click here for details.