IDD Voice Service
IDD Voice Service
Keep in touch with your friends and family overseas easily
IDD Voice Service
Keep in touch with your friends and family overseas easily
With our IDD 001 and IDD 1678 long-distance call services, you can keep in touch with your friends and family overseas easily.
User Guide IDD Video Call service

Example:a call to Shenzhen,China IDD Video Call service

IDD 1678

IDD 001

Service Charges IDD Video Call service Rates
IDD 1678 Rates
IDD 1678 Monthly Plan Coverage for the IDD 1678 Monthly Plan ($6/50mins)(1)(2)
IDD 001 Rates
  • Terms & Conditions
    1) You are required to subscribe to this Monthly Plan for a Committed Period of 6 months. This Service Plan includes 50 minutes of IDD phone calls made to designated countries from Hong Kong (local call minutes are charged simultaneously), including:
      a. Landline & mobile number: China, Singapore, USA & Canada
      b.Landline number: UK, Germany, Spain and Ireland
      c. Any unused usage cannot be carried forward to the next bill month and will be forfeited at the end of that bill month. The charges thereafter to the designated countries is $0.15 per minute.
    2) Certain country codes and phone number prefixes in the designated countries are not covered by the IDD 1678 Monthly Package ($6/50 mins). Click here for details.
    3) Unless otherwise specified, usage under the IDD Service Plan will be calculated on a per minute basis. Any usage of less than one minute will be counted as one minute.
    4) If you make an IDD call by dialing the incoming call number displayed on your phone (and not by using the IDD 1678 service with the 1678 prefix), the IDD call will use the default IDD 001 service and be charged based on its tariff rates.
    5) Customers must subscribe to IDD service to make IDD video calls.
    6) International video call rates are only applicable to calls made to mobile phones using overseas networks.
    7) To receive international video calls, recipients overseas must use a handset. Customers can only make international video calls to mobile phone users subscribing to a video call service via overseas.
    8) A deposit of $500 is required for our roaming service. If you settle your mobile phone bill by autopay, you can enjoy a waiver on this deposit.