MMS Service
MMS Service
Send images to any mobile phone in a short message
MMS Service
Send images to any mobile phone in a short message
Create your own multimedia messages with text, images, sound and even video clips.
Unleash your creativity and share your joyous moments with friends.
Send greetings to friends and family abroad with International MMS.
Send   Charge Receive
Local $2/each Free
International $5/each Receiving overseas incurs roaming charges.
Click here for details.
  • MMS Settings
    Name of Operator SUN Mobile
    APN SUNMobile
    Proxy Leave it Blank
    Port Leave it Blank
    User Name Leave it Blank
    Password Leave it Blank
    Server Leave it Blank
    MMS Proxy
    MMS Port 8080
    MCC 454
    MNC 00
    Authentication Type Leave it Blank
    APN Type Leave it Blank
    APN Protocol IPv4
    Enable / Disable APN APN
    Bearer Leave it Blank
  • Terms & Conditions
    1) To apply for MMS service, you must be a SUN Mobile voice or data service customer. This service is not available to pre-paid SIM card users.
    2) Each MMS is charged based on the amount of recipients.
    3) Whether an MMS is successfully transferred depends on the condition of the recipient’s network and the hardware/software of their mobile phones.
    4) A local MMS supports JPEG and GIF images of up to 290KB in size, depending on handset models.
    5) Sending and receiving MMSes locally incurs no additional data charges. However, doing so overseas incurs data roaming charges. Click here for details.
    6) You will still be charged if you use an incompatible handset to send or receive an MMS.
    7) The Mobile Service Agreement and related suppliers’ terms and conditions apply in these terms and conditions.
    8) We reserve the right to cancel or amend this Service Plan, other offers and these terms and conditions without prior notice. Please visit our website or retail shops for the latest versions. In case of dispute, our decision is final.