Number Share (eSIM) Service
Number Share (eSIM) Service
Share a mobile phone number and tariff plan between your smart watch and smart phone.
Number Share (eSIM) Service
Share a mobile phone number and tariff plan between your smart watch and smart phone.
Samsung Galaxy Watch
System requirements
  • Galaxy Watch LTE model
  • Android phone
    • Android version 5.0 or later
    • RAM 1.5 GB or over

Before you begin
  • On your phone, go to [Settings] [Connections] [Bluetooth] and make sure that Bluetooth is on.
  • Make sure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or a LTE/3G network.
  • Make sure your Galaxy Watch is charged.

Activate Number Share (eSIM) Service by QR Code

1.Turn on your Galaxy Watch

A.To turn on your Galaxy Watch, press and hold the side lower button until you see the Samsung logo.

B.If your Galaxy Watch doesn’t turn on, please make sure your Galaxy Watch is charged.


2.Open Galaxy Wearable application on your phone.
A.If Galaxy Wearable application is not installed on your smartphone, you can download it from Samsung Apps or Google Play.
3.Connect Galaxy Watch
A.Bring Galaxy Watch closer to phone. Wait for the "Search the new Galaxy Watch" message to appear on your phone, then tap [Continue]. If you don't see this message, open the Galaxy Wearable app, then tap [Connect New Wearable].
B.Keep your Galaxy Watch and phone close together until you complete all steps.
4.Agree to the Terms and Conditions
A.Read the Terms and Conditions and check [Agree to all] or on each agreements, then tap [Next] to continue.
5.Set Up Mobile Networks
A.After Terms and Conditions agreement, network setup process will begin
B.Wait a few seconds while searching for mobile networks
C.Select activation method – Scan QR Code / Use Code
6.Open SUN Mobile application on your phone.
A.If SUN Mobile application is not installed on your smartphone, you can download it from App Store、Google Play or Huawei App Gallery.
7.Follow below steps to subscribe Number Share (eSIM) Service in SUN Mobile application
8.Retrieve QR code/activation code
9.Return to Galaxy Wearable application to scan the above QR code
A.Point the camera to QR code or share the QR code to another device to scan it
B.Paste the activation code manually
10.Click [CONNECT] button
11.Mobile networks step completed
A.You can now receive and send calls / messages on Galaxy Watch using the same number of your phone.
B.If not, please contact us at 81183131 for for help.
  • FAQ
    Q1:How do I activate the eSIM Profile on Galaxy Watch LTE?
    The eSIM needs to be activated via a phone that supports the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app (for Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE) by scanning the QR code or enter the activation code provided by SUN Mobile where the information of the eSIM will be downloaded onto the wearable for activation.
    Compatibility between Samsung Galaxy Wearable app (for Galaxy Watch LTE) and your mobile phone is subjected to Samsung’s specifications. Depending on its compatibility, additional app plug-ins may be required. For details, please click here.
    Q2:I accidentally reset the eSIM on the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE. How do I download my eSIM profile again?
    You can login to or SUN Mobile app, click ‘My Account’ → ‘My Number Share (eSIM) Service’, and then ‘Re-download eSIM’.
    Q3:I bought a new Galaxy Watch LTE to use with an existing eSIM. Can I use my existing eSIM QR Code again to activate my new Galaxy Watch LTE? Click to Collapse
    You can login to or SUN Mobile app, click ‘My Account’ → ‘My Number Share (eSIM) Service’, and then ‘Replace existing Handset / Device’ to request for a new QR Code/activation code to activate your new Galaxy Watch LTE.
    Q4:What should I do if I sell or pass on my Galaxy Watch LTE to a friend?
    Firstly, please reset and remove your eSIM from the Samsung Watch, and then contact SUN Mobile Customer Service Hotline 8118 3131 for terminate the Number Share (eSIM) Service. Otherwise, even your eSIM has been removed from the watch, you are still being charge for the monthly service fee of Number Share (eSIM) Service.
    Q5:My Galaxy Watch LTE was stolen/lost. What should I do?
    Please contact 8118 3131 for report lost and terminate the Number Share (eSIM) Service. If you need the service again, you have to submit a new application.
    Q6:If I purchase Galaxy Watch LTE without an active subscription to Number Share (eSIM) Service, Will I be able to use via Bluetooth® connection?
    Yes, Galaxy Watch LTE will function as a companion device with your phone when without a mobile network connection.
    Q7:I’m unable to connect my Galaxy Watch LTE to network. What should I do?
    From the Apps screen on your phone, please tap Settings and check under Connections that your internet connection and MMS connection are correct and ensure that your mobile data is turned on.
    If you are still unable to connect, please contact us.
    Q8:What is Device Name?
    Device Name use for identify your wearable device (smart watch). Device name should be in English letter or number.
    Q9:What happens with the Samsung Watch when you're roaming?
    Roaming outside Sun Mobile local network coverage area is not available for Samsung Watch even though your SUN Mobile tariff plan may support roaming. However, you will continue to be connected when your Samsung Watch is in proximity of your phone and connected with Bluetooth or connected to Wi-Fi.
    Q10:If I have changed my service number, anything do I need to follow up for the eSIM service?
    If your service number has been changed, please contact us at 8118 3131 for eSIM service termination. You have to download another new eSIM with your new service number for use.
  • Wearable (“Device”) and Number Share (eSIM) Service (“Service”) Terms and Conditions
    1. To use the Service you must have an eligible SUN mobile service plan (“Service Plan”), a compatible “Device”, and a compatible Android 5.0 or newer mobile phone with 1.5GB RAM or above and iPhone which is iPhone 5 with iOS 9.0 or newer.
    2. SMS usage, IDD usage, Voice usage, Data usage and others related usage of the Service will be deducted from the Service Plan of your Phone.
    3. You can make or receive calls from the Device using the mobile number of your Service Plan.
    4. You can only use the Service with one Device at a time.If you want to connect to another Device, you can connect your Device to the Service via “SUN” app on your mobile phone.Alternatively, you can purchase an additional Service to use with the new Device on your mobile phone.
    5. You can purchase up to a maximum of one (1) Service under the same mobile number.
    6. The Service does not support international roaming service.
    7. If you terminate the Service Plan of your mobile phone, you are required to terminate the Service of your Device by calling our customer service.
    8. The Service is subject to the Mobile Service Agreement of Sun Mobile Limited, please visit.
    9. If there is any inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.