Direct Carrier Billing
Direct Carrier Billing
No Need to Provide any credit card information
Direct Carrier Billing
No Need to Provide any credit card information
Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC.
Google Play Direct Carrier Billing
SUN Mobile customers can now register for the "Direct Carrier Billing Service" on Google Play for free. Select “SUN Mobile” as a payment method for your purchases made on Google Play, including apps, games, movies, books, and in-app purchases. All you receive will be just ONE bill from us, and it covers all mobile content purchase expenses.
Key Benefits
  • Safety: No Need to Provide any credit card information
  • Convenience: Easy registration process
  • Transparent: show every record of your purchases
Spending Limit in a calendar month
  • Autopay by credit card direct debit authorization customers: monthly spending limit is HK$1,500
  • Non-Autopay customers: monthly spending limit is HK$1,000
Activation Flow
Remark: For first-time registration of direct carrier billing service, please connect to SUN Mobile network.
  • Google Play Direct Carrier Billing Terms & Conditions
    1. Google Play Direct Carrier Billing (the “Service”) is only available for personal customers of designated SUN Mobile postpaid plans. Corporate customers, Flex Mobile customers and duration of subscribed to SUN Mobile service plan less than 6 months are not eligible for this Service.
    2. The Service is only available with compatible devices.
    3. The Service can be used to settle payment for purchases of apps, games, books or rental movies at Google Play. Purchase amounts will be charged to your SUN Mobile monthly bill.
    4. The Service is subject to a monthly spending limit, which is calculated on a calendar month basis (the“Monthly Spending Limit”). The Monthly Spending Limit is to be shared by all Direct Carrier Billing Services and will be reset on first day of each calendar month.
    5. Customers who elects to use credit card direct debit authorization payment to settle monthly bill payment shall enjoy a monthly spending limit of HK$1,500 for this Service, while other customers are eligible for a monthly spending limit of HK$1,000.
    6. If your spending with the Service exceeds the monthly limit, the Service shall be suspended until the Monthly Spending Limit is reset on first day of the next calendar month.
    7. SUN Mobile reserves the rights to update the Monthly Spending Limit from time to time without giving any advance notice. The latest Monthly Spending Limit will be published at SUN Mobile website ( from time to time.
    8. Any download of content from Google Play, use of the apps and this Service will incur mobile data usage charges. The relevant data usage will be deducted from the data entitlement in your service plan entitlements and charged at the prevailing rate thereafter, or be charged additionally according to the standard rate. Standard roaming data charges or Data Roaming Day Pass charges apply while using the Service and Google Play abroad.
    9. All purchases from this Service are made from Google and prevailing Google Play’s Terms & Conditions apply.
    10. Refund of purchase charges can be performed only by the developers of the app or Google. If a refund is required, the customer must contact the app developer or Google directly. Any refund request must follow Google’s refund policy
    11. The customer agrees to be bound by Google’s Terms of Service. For details of the agreement, please visit:
    12. All contents under Google Play are provided by Google or developers of the app, and SUN Mobile is not responsible or liable for the quality, nature, accuracy and usefulness of the contents.
    13. SUN Mobile reserves the right to change or terminate the service or these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. In the event of dispute, our decision shall be final.
    14. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.